Jan 8, 2014


I was in China for a week to visit my boyfriend :3
Seriously it was so much fun there! I ate so much delicous food, visited great places and I just loved it. I never thought I'm this kind of person who had no fear to walk around in a new country where NO ONE even understands a word you're saying. My poor chinese didn't help me XDDDD
I didn't take a lot  of photos cause I'm not the type that walks around with the camera stucked to her hands but I have some to show you :3

Here are some pics I took while climbing the wall XDDDDDDD


And because everyone is just interested in those instagram food photos:

We ate at a japanese restaurant and my karé laughed for me :33 so cute!! And everything tasted like heaven *___*

I want to go back there. I just loved everything and I'm missing my boyfriend so much...

Wait, a stupid outfit photo of me because I can:

Today is my birthday and somehow I'm not really happy about it...

Favourite Music:

God Is An Astronuat - Twilight 

Queens Of The Stone Age - Make It Wit Chu

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