Jul 31, 2013

New Hair and New Clothes

Finally went to the hairdresser! 
This is how my hair looks:

Seriously, why do all the hairdressers cut off TOO MUCH HAIR?!?! XD It feels so short ;_________; But finally my bangs are back! Plus my H&M Sale packet arrived. Unfotunately I could only took a photo in my dark room. Bus this is what I got:

Front view

Failed Back view

This is the front and the totally failed back view. Guess I never had shorts which were that short.... But hey it's so hot I don't care anymore XD The shoes are also new but you can't see them ;____;

My Favourite Music:

Major Lazer - Get Free

Vocaloid - Just Be Friends ( Suika and DarkViktory Version) 


  1. Ooooh!! Das Gefühl kenne ich! Deine Haare sehen jedoch total toll aus *-*

    1. Hahaha dankeschön! aber vorher waren es so viele und jetz hab ich das gefühl ich hab nur noch so wenig aufm kopf ;______; Aber alle mädchen heulen ja rum wenn sie beim frisör waren also was solls XD