Apr 17, 2013

I LoveShoppingholics + Super News!

It were the ones which were in the "Good Friday Promotion" :33 So cool! I never ordered something at LoveShoppingholics before so I'm a little impressed!

What I really love are the litttle things! For example the card:

I know everyone gets this card, but hey, just imagine how much work it is to write everyones name on these little cards! It's a cute extra that made me happy :3

Another super awesome thing are these boxes :3 They are incredibly cute!!! Really I just love how the whole stuff was wrapped <3

This is what I got. My sister and me ordered both one lens pair and she was so cute and let me have the extra pair that everyone got who entered the Good Friday Promotion! Just look at the cute CUTE EXTRA CASE!!! THESE ARE PIGS! Damn those have to be in the normal animal case sortiment!! I JUST FREAKING LOVE THE PIGS!!!

So I odered the Blue Bambi Lenses by "KimChi" and in the bottle thy look like this:

Such a beautiful blue! I've already worn the lenses and they are comfortable!! :3

Here's the free and mystery gift:

These are Tearful Grey Lenses by Geo! They are very natural looking, I didn't try them out yet but I believe they are beautiful everyday lenses! I'm glad that the free lenses weren't some kind of freaky anime stuff, because I would have never worn those XDDD

My sister ordered Fresh Brown Lenses by Geo, they look like this:

She tried them out and they look awesome in her eyes, I hope she will do some photos soon :3 ( and when you're at it Tini, please to some nice shots of me AHAHAHAH)

I really have to do some good pics with lashes and the whole stuff because....................


Pearl is a circle of so many awesome girls I just love all of them :3 they are really cute and such funny and beautiful persons I'm so glad I'm a part of it now! THANK YOU VERY MUCH MY DEARS!!
Go look at the beautiful pics of "Pearl"!

My Favourite Music:

The Azoic - Obsession

Anamanaguchi - Meow

E.Via - Shake! 


  1. Wanna see pictures so bad!! Love the kimchi ones~ have them by myself <3

    1. Dankeschöön! ich werd welche machen mit allem drum und dran! :3 die kimchis sind alle so schön! :3

  2. die linsen sind alle geil :D ich bin gespannt wie die tearful greys an dir aussehen :3 UND NOCHMAL WILLKOMMEN IM CIRCLE XD du bist wirklich ein passendes mitglied, meine liebe >:D btw zwei lieder von mir haben es in dein lachs-ranking geschafft haha <3

    1. AHAHAHA IN MEIN LACHS RANKING AHAHAHAHAH XDD Natürlich, wiel die Lieder einfach geil sind!! :33 ahah ich freu mich so! ich mach mich gleich hübsch und man hoffentlich gute Fotos für dne circle :333 AHAH XD