Apr 21, 2013

Hello Pearl!


As I said in my post before I'm in the Gal Circle "Pearl" now! It's so cool I'm so happy about it! Of course all of them wanted me to take some pictures for the album on facebook and on friday I took some! So here are my photos! :3

First my sister took a test photo of me curling my hair XD

Then we came to the real thing! I'm wearing Princess Mimi in Chocolate Brown by Geo :3
My Lashes are Dolly Wink Nr. 1 combined with some other pair that came with my Dolly Wink Lashbox. Plus I didn't use photoshop!

My sister forced me to smile XD She said " PUMMI SMILE!!" and I asked "Why the hell should I smile ALWAYS??!" and she answered "BECAUSE ALL GYARUS SMILE ON PHOTOS!! Just visit all the circle lens websites! Everyone of them is smiling!!" XD and she's right somehow ahahah XDD

The next pictures totally look like some kind of circle lens commercial, like I was saying: "HEY I GOT MY LENSES FROM SHOPPINGHOLICS!!" ahahaha XDD ( and the next pair was really bought on shoppingholics! XD)

After some tine I changed my lenses. On the next photos I'm wearing Blue Bambi Lenses by Kimchi! :3 I totally love them! :3

Guess thats everything I wanted to show :3

My Favourite Music:

Savant Feat. Ninür - Siren

Lenny Kravitz - Superlove 


  1. hey :D Wie schon gesagt, sind die bilder sooo schön. (gute arbeit, sis!)ich find auch, dass die wimpern cool aussehen O_O stehen dir! ich hoffe, du fühlst dich wohl bei uns!>:D

    1. Hahah jaa oh mein gott es gab so viele hässliche meine schwester kanne infach voll coole fotos machen. die muss uns mal beide fotografieren :33 ahah natürlich fühl ich mich wohl wieso sollt ich ich sonst so freuen XD dankeeeeschööön! :33 andy :33