Mar 3, 2013


I'm a little bored so I post some Photos my sister took of me.

I'm too lazy to Photoshop them XD I'm wearing no Lashes because I was too lazy that day. My Circle Lenses are of course Princess Mimi's "Sesame Grey"!

As you can see: no Photoshop, you can see my scar from the chickebpox when I was veeery young XD and my Nose has it's little hump XDD I can live with that photo, guess there are photos in the Internet which are much worse XD

My Eyes:

Weird tiny hair in my face XDDD

I just love how the Lenses look in my Eyes :33

I just have so much problem with finding a good Eyeliner, because the cheap ones you can find for example the one of essence are HORRIBLE. It's not good to wear them when you wear contacts or in general. They smudge easily, and with the slightest contact with water they just flow away and they seperate itself in their colors like pink and blue and thats stuff stains the skin on your eye and its incredible hard to get this shit off, so: NEVER BUY EYELINER BY ESSENCE. It's just not worth your money, Really I tested two of those incredible bad Liquid Eyeliners O.o Oh and I tested the one of "p2" and it's just as bad.

So lately I looked for a good Eyeliner. The two that everyone told me to buy are:

Dolly  Wink

Kate Super Sharp

But I guess I can't buy them because I'll do a complete make over in my room. I want to paint the walls pink :333 I finally decided! My mom bought so many pink stuff already and I'm so in love with it! So maybe I can finally let people see my room, its just a huge mess right now but I want to start my clean up today! so many things in here I can throw away O.o

Besides that I do nothing. I'm playing a lot of resi 5 lately and it's all Andys, Simons and Desis fault XDDD And I'm just horribly bored. HEEELP ME XDDD

Favourite Music:

 Samantha Ronson - Built This Way

Resident Evil 5 Ost - Rust In Summer

Yelle - Comme Un Enfant


  1. die linsen stehen dir :D

    und hauptsache ich seh die resi-dance-party hier xDD <3

    1. XDDDD danke!! Resi dance party forver!! XDD oh mann ich denk grad an ganz schlimme fotos die wir gestern gesehen haben XDDD

  2. I love how your eyes looks with these eye lenses :)
    I officially follow you now, by the way.

    1. Oh thank you so much!! :3 I saw that you follow me and I'm happy about it! :3

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