Jan 7, 2013

Guess What!

I have a new header!! I've been working on this drawing for some time, but not really long, it's not that special ok? XDD I just wanted to draw something that looks a little gyaru, but I totally failed, guess it would be better if anyone could see the whole picture, but who cares about that shit (my "art") anyway? XD

Hey I'm fine, I just totally love to laugh about myself and the world! It's not that I always write angry posts, that would be strange but I shouldn't care about what I write anyway, because it's  my blog and I write about the stuff I like. Sooo see my wonderful Christmas Drawing that was for a secret santa thingy:

Somehow I really liked it, but of course my secret santa partner just said "thank you". Wow. I'm disappointed XD I freak out if someone draws something for me O.o I called the drawing "ocean girl" in deviantart, because I somehow remembered this old series! Does anyone know ocean girl?

Second is the header in its full beauty:

Somehow I'm obsessed with Lollipops? XDD

Icona Pop - I Love It


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    1. ahh dankeschöön :3 freut mich wenns dir gefällt!

  2. I do love CG and traditional drawings too! love your works <3

    1. ahhw thank you very much! I like both just the same, it just saves money to do digital Art I guess! Thank you so much for loving my drawings! :3

  3. Oh really beautiful draws are so cute!


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