Oct 14, 2012

Tales Of Graces

Hello Guys.

Yeahh. It was my boyfriends birthday last month and I decided to give him "Tales of Graces" for Playstation 3 ( just don't think about the fact how I can play with him because 3 friends can join in this game !! AHAHAH) and My boyfriend, my sister and me playing it and it's SUUPER COOL! It totally catched me!! :3 

The story deals with the cute little boy Asbel Lahnt and his friends Hubert Lahnt (actually his brother but he was always with him to play of course !) and Cheria! Asbel and Hubert are the sons of the Lord of Lahnt, who rules the small city they live in. Cheria is a cute little girl, that obiously has a crush on Asbel, and she is very sick but always happy and kind, but she has a really interesting nature and likes to lecture Asbel, because... well he's just too stupid and full of dumb ideas. Hey he's a boy, I guess thats why aahahah XD 

Asbel is that typical hero-main-character guy who is cheerful, loud, brave but a little dotty sometimes and of course a little too full of himself ( he's talking like he's the super big brother and how he protect everyone bla bla). Hubert is the opposite, he's shy and cute and soooo whiny O.o ( the was even a part in the game where he wet his pants. (PLEASE HUBERT DON'T MAKE THIS MORE AND MORE EMBARASSING FOR YOURSELF!!)

Sooo one time Asbel and Hubert decide to visit a Hill in Lahnt, because there are flowers growing the whole year :3 They meet a girl there in the middle of the flowers and she is a little strange, like not from this world, not afraid of dying or anything. They decide to take her with them because she can't remember anything from her life. They give her the name "Sophie" because she was lying in flowers called "Sopheria".

 Anyway, everyones meeting up in town and the father of the boys tell them that the prince of the whole country is visiting him and they're not allowed to see him ( because the father don't want Asbel to tell him some stupid shit and ruin the whole family) but of course the children get into his room secretely and get to know him. The prince is the cute little Richard, he doesn't trust people easily because he thinks everyone just wants his  money or on the other hand wants to kill him. They spent a funny time together, Asbel, Richard and Sophie even made a friendship pact because they got through some trouble together, and they swear to be friends forever. They keep having fun until Richard has to leave for the capital again  because he's the prince and a prince needs to be in his castle XD On the way to the capital ( could be some other time) Sophie swears to protect Asbel because he's always so concerned about her.

Back to Richard:
The father tells them to not follow the prince because its dangerous but they do it nonetheless and spend a nice day with him in the capital. Richard wants to show them the castle at night, because they just can't walk in when it's normal daytime, and they want to need at midnight in front of a secret passage. Richard doesn't arrive for a long time so they decide to go into that secret passage alone and they is an underground labyrinth where they find Richard lying unconcious on the floor. And one second later they are attacked by a monster, obviously the one which knocked Richard out, and they have no chance of course. Then Sophie sets free a great light and defeats the monster because she wants to protect Asbel. When the children awake, Sophie is claimed dead because they didn't find her body. Richard is in the castle and they never see him again, and the Lahnt Family just gave Hubert away to the Oswells, a family in a neighbour town. ( and no one knows the fucking reason why, poor hubert XD) Asbel is totally sad because Sophie is dead and everyone just let him "alone" (only Cheria askes him to stay) he runs away and becomes a Knight in the Academy in the Capitol and Lahnt has no heir anymore, because his parents intended to let Asbel rule Lahnt when he grows up.
And the story continues then, seven years later, when fade wants them to all meet again...


Tales Of Graces Art, all Pictures were drawn by Mutsumi Inomata:

Upper left: Malik, Right next to him: Pascal, Boy with Blue Hair: Hubert, Girl with Pink Hai: Cheria, Girl with Purple hair: Sophie, Guy with brown hair and sword: Asbel, Blonde guy in the right: Richard
Really like the composition of Sophie and Richard as well as their facial expressions!

And I totally Love Richards Design!

Yeah that's it. Its a great game so: PLAY IT!!! AND TOTALLY BUY IT FOR PS3!!!

PS: I so don't get blogspot, why is the thing messing itself up again and again?? Wordpress was much better when It came to the post design. I'm editing this for the f*cking 5th time!!

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