Oct 18, 2012

First Circle Lenses and Fake Lashes!

See what the postman brought?

Princess Mimi Sesame Grey! ( By The way, I was the one damaging the Geo Seal for the check ahaha XD)

Puffy 3tone Shinny Green! Plus lovely fake lashes by Tsubasa Masuwaka:

Nr. 1 Dolly Sweet and Nr.5 Real Nude! Because Circle Lenses look wonderful with fake lashes!

Princess Mimi Sesame Grey again.

And somehow these are the green puffy 3tones when being photographed, and no I didn't mistook them for the blue ones of my sister.

So many useless pics and I'm so freaking happy! :3 They have to be in my Solution in their little animal boxes for 8 hours before I can wear them. I'm a little afraid of putting them in now that they're here XD


  1. Good choices :) I think I'll buy the same cause they're so good!

    1. thank you very much! the design of both of them is super cute, although everyone says with the princess mimis I look like an alien XD the puffy 3tones look more natural, but they give a light enalargment, I like them vey much for everyday! :3